Home » Services » Mats » Anti-Fatigue & Wet Area Mats Anti-Fatigue & Wet Area Mats Friendly customer service by Alsco ChinaBy minimising fatigue and noise, Alsco Anti-Fatigue and Wet Area Mats help to maintain comfort levels, thus increasing overall employee productivity. Designed and manufactured to reduce pressures and strains caused by standing or sitting in one position over time. Ideal for heavy industry, offices, food service areas and retail outlets, organized sporting and special events. Our Anti-Fatigue Mats… Are designed to be comfortable and minimise stress-related injury Bacterial growth reduced by anti-microbial material. Are textured for grip and safety, with drainage holes that allow liquid and dirt to pass through. Have bevelled edges for non-lift convenience. Non-slip top surface and textured backing ensures safety and stability. Oil, water and grease resistant. Alsco superior quality materials and construction alsco-anti-slip-mat-angle-front-copy Anti-Fatigue Mat – Front Non-slip surface. Superior comfort for long periods of standing. alsco-anti-slip-mat-detail-back Anti-Fatigue Mat – Back Detail Super grip backing holds mat to floor even in wet areas. Anti-bacterial construction. Alsco Anti-Fatigue Mat Full Anti-Fatigue Mat – Full Firm but springy, comfortable but durable. Suitable for even the most rugged workplaces. Keep your people safer Your people stand on their feet for hours and hours – day in, day out. It’s only a matter of time that leg and back strains catch up on employees. Alsco’s Anti-Fatigue mats make sure the chances of that happening are minimal. Firm yet springy, these mats provide both comfort and a safe surface for employees to work on – no matter where. Lasts for longer Our Anti-Fatigue mats are built to last. Made from specialised, waterproof rubber, they’ll keep your workplace safe and your staff comfortable for longer. They’re even created with anti-bacterial material, resisting potentially dangerous microbes. Not only that, with Alsco’s managed rental service, we’ll clean, repair and restock these on a regular basis – for no added cost. Convenient for any space Fatigue plagues almost every workspace. That’s why these mats are suitable for even the most rugged of workplaces – including workshops, factories and restaurants. Made from a lighter material and bevelled edges, always have comfortable, regularly-cleaned mats to protect your spaces and your people. Why Alsco’s Managed Service is Best for your Business… Simple – With monthly charges, Alsco will pickup your mats and replace with fresh, clean, sanitised ones on a regular basis – leaving you to focus on what truly matters – your business Savings – Reduce wear and tear on carpeting and flooring – and prevent slippage and fatigue, giving you complete peace-of-mind Bespoke – Need custom messages or corporate branding? Have an unusually high footfall volume? We’ll happily tailor our service to your needs – and charge you $0 for the effort Cost-effective – Benefit from limitless cleaning and supply – no matter your business’s demands To get started, simply telephone our friendly customer service representatives on 6455 0150 or complete the online enquiry form.