Friendly customer service by Alsco ChinaA simple apron can make a huge difference in your restaurant kitchen, not only in terms of hygiene levels but also setting a professional tone for service.

Traditional white aprons signify cleanliness and are generally worn by highly visible head chefs but also shield the wearer’s garments from food splatters, stains and burns.

Alsco aprons for head chefs, sous chefs and waiters are available in a wide range of colours and styles to suit your establishment’s decor.

Also available for butchers in traditional blue and white stripe.

Crisp-looking and comfortable these aprons are perfect for long hours in the butchery. They protect butchers from stains and grime, while allowing for a smart and professional look.  Simple to use self-ties make them is easily adjustable.

Choose from traditional white, black, stripes also full-length or half-length.

Wide Range of Styles To Choose From, Just Ask!

White Polycotton Bib Apron

White Polycotton Bib Apron
Bib style apron, self fabric ties and neck loop. 87cm in length from top of bib to bottom of hem.

Alsco Navy-Polycotton Wasit Apron

White Polycotton Waist Apron
240 gsm

Blue Stripe Butcher Bib Apron

Blue Stripe Butcher Bib Apron
Bib style, self fabric ties, with horizontal wide stripe and neck loop. No pockets. 83cm from waist to bottom hem.

Alsco Navy Polycotton Wasit Apron

Blue Stripe Butcher Waist Apron
240 gsm

Why Alsco’s Managed Service is Best for your Business…

  • Simple – With monthly charges, Alsco will change your soiled uniforms for fresh, spotless, sanitised ones on a regular basis – leaving you to focus on what truly matters – your business
  • Sterile – Alsco’s uniforms are cleaned and sterilised – and 100% compliant with safety regulations, giving you complete peace-of-mind
  • Bespoke – Need specific uniforms? Have an unusually high demand? We’ll happily tailor our service to your needs – and charge you $0 for the effort
  • Cost-effective – Benefit from limitless uniform cleaning and supply – no matter your business’s demands

To get started, simply telephone our friendly customer service representatives on  +86 512 69368980 or complete the online enquiry form.

How Alsco's Managed Rental Program Works

Alsco’s Managed Rental Service is the cost-effective alternative to buying. We eliminate the need for large cash purchases and keeping your equipment maintained and up-to-date. Starting from just $1 a day, you’ll benefit from regular delivery schedules, free replacements, and emergency, on-demand servicing.


You'll be assign an agreed amount of garments.

Small Shirts

For example:

  • 5 Garments for each day of the week
  • 5 Garments being cleaned each week
  • 10 Garments in total


Alsco will collect your soiled garments. At the same time we'll return your freshly laundered and repaired garments as per the agreed scheduled.


Laundry Bag

This week 5 dirty garments
are sent to be cleaned...


Delivery Truck

...and clean 5 garments
are delivered.