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At Alsco we understand the importance of serving our customers well.Alsco China Career Service Quality

In 1889, Alsco was founded on the ever-growing, ever-changing American frontier in Lincoln, Nebraska.

From the merchants, restaurants and factory owners of the 20th century to the local businesses of the 21st century, Alsco is currently providing a peerless managed rental service to satisfied customers in China. That’s our legacy.

At Alsco, we’ve come a long way since those early days. But we’ve always been driven by a few important things.

That is, providing convenient, cost-effective rental services to businesses like yourself.

From commercial linen to washroom hygiene, we believe you shouldn’t have to worry about juggling dozens of services. And you certainly shouldn’t have to pay crippling fees, either.

We emphasize on being customer-centric as the only driving force towards our goal to provide every working individual with world-class service in the provision of dust control mats, managed workwear and hospitality linen.

We have established an extensive network of service routes to reach out to all customers island-wide. This enables customers to enjoy regular and reliable services regardless of size or distance from our services.

In addition, our service is backed by a team of dedicated technicians who, rain or shine, will provide hands-on solutions for technical queries right at our customers’ doorsteps.

Ensuring the Highest World-Wide Quality Standards: ISO 9001:2005

Alsco earned the world-wide recognised and praised ISO 9001:2015 Accreditation. This is a guarantee of the highest quality standards for each of the products and services we provide you with. They are monitored and audited from the moment they are designed to the moment they are delivered to you. Moreover, ISO 9001:2015 obliges us to always work on our development which ensures continually improved value-for-money for our customers.

Alsco-China-Business-License-screenshotFocused on China: Serving Customers First

It is our mission to be China’s first choice for washroom hygiene and textile rental services. As such, Alsco has obtained a Business License from the Administration of Industry and Commerce Office (AIC).

When commencing a new contract with Alsco you can request a copy of our Business License or it will be supplied with our quotation.

Safety, Comfort and Quality System Your Business Deserves

For Food Processing, Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Industries

To help protect staff, consumers, visitors and your business BioClean® by Alsco services utilise a three-tier processing system.

Right Time ensures that garments and linens are hygienically washed to meet strict food processing and pharmaceutical industry standards and to remove harmful contaminants.

Right Temperature eliminates bacteria and spores.

Right Treatment means proper handling of garments and linens with appropriately applied high-grade chemicals and detergents.

Alsco provides an HACCP-conscious uniform program. This enables a systematic preventive approach to food safety from biological, chemical, and physical hazards in production processes.

After their hands, your employees’ uniforms and garments represent the greatest risk for product contamination.

Protect your process, your product, and your brand through an HACCP-conscious uniform program with Alsco.

Our washing systems have been developed over decades of providing safe uniforms, garments, aprons, and wiping towels for food processing operations. And our clean, laundered items are delivered directly to garment dispensing lockers systems designed to secure and protect up until the moment you need them.

Quality Assurance: Professional Laundry Services

Textile garments used in commercial, industrial, hospital and institutional organizations are subjected to repetitive laundry processes to remove soiling, staining and various contaminants which, if not removed, will result in the article being not only aesthetically unacceptable but also a theoretical health risk.

Compliance with the Australian Standard AS/NZS 4146:2000 Laundry Practice ensures your business needs are put first. By adhering to the standards Alsco offers a safe, reliable and consistent product to every customer.

Alsco’s laundry processes include appropriate repair and maintenance of textiles to optimize textile life even though these features are not required in this Standard.

Alsco processes textiles from a wide variety of customers including manufacturing, food processing, entertainment, catering, accommodation and health care providers.

Alsco adheres to the Australian Standard AS/NZS 4146:2000 Laundry Practice to ensure that standard precautions be applied to the handling of soiled articles. That is, it is to be assumed that all soiled articles are a potential source of infection and therefore appropriate precautions are to be applied including the use of protective attire.

The standards and practices used in Alsco laundries in Australia and New Zealand are also used in China.

Clothing Recycling Initiative

At Alsco China we have undertaken a new initiative to recycle our used or obsolete garments.

The company we use will take them to make reusable textile products or for charity purposes and they are certified by the Suzhou Government for the recycling of textiles / garments.

We have started with 2 recycle bins that are located in our yard now and are ready for garment collection now.

Our Customers Include

We welcome your enquiries. Please telephone our friendly service personnel on  +86 512 69368980 or complete the online enquiry form.