5 Reasons Why Workplace Hygiene Is Very Important

Hygiene is probably one of the clearest indicators and signifiers of how a person leads his or her life.

If a person takes care of his hygiene, he or she will not only be more comfortable around people but will be more comfortable by himself. This will, in turn, lead people to become more comfortable around this person.

Good hygiene leads to good manners, something that they will carry around with themselves wherever they go, both in public and in the workplace.

And it is here, in the workplace, where this will really show. Cleanliness and personal hygiene should be part of any office. Indeed, it’s an excellent indicator of just what that company stands for, and how seriously it takes itself and its business.

Since employees serve as a representation of the company, this will really influence the public’s perception of said company. Indeed, employees are an extension of the company, and being a professional means not only being good at your job, but also having other traits as well.

Having good hygiene at the workplace leads to creating a good first impression with other companies and clients.

One of the best ways to ensure excellent workplace hygiene is to implement hygiene policies that all parties need to follow. Below are the top reasons that will help you explain why everyone needs to take workplace hygiene seriously.

1. Makes Your Company Seem Trustworthy

Remember, employees are not the only people that will be present at your office. Clients, suppliers, investors and potential partners, they will also want to visit and to stay where you work. Having a dirty and unkempt office won’t really fill them with confidence.

Remember, always, the first impression is the last impression.

Your workplace cleanliness and hygiene reflects directly on your company’s core values so make sure people will have only good things to say about you.

Things can get even worse! If your workplace is unhygienic, there is a possibility that an important visitor catches germs and gets sick, creating even bigger problems for your company image.

2. It Influences Your Employees’ Mood

Workplace environment can greatly influence an employee’s happiness at work. Happy and content workers are productive and are always inspired to do their jobs well.

When people are happy at their workplace, they don’t think about changing jobs. They stay loyal to the company where they are treated well and that reduces the employee turnover.

The simple act of keeping the workplace clean is one way you can give your employees the kind of environment that will make them want to stay.

Below are simple tasks that when turned into a daily habit, will create a good level of comfort for everyone in the workplace:

  • Cleaning restrooms on a regular basis
  • Regularly emptying the trash cans
  • Scenting rooms with light air freshener in intervals
  • Cleaning the windows regularly to let the natural light in

3. The Obvious One – No Viruses Or Bacteria…

Making sure that your workplace adheres to basic standards of hygiene will help diminish the spread of disease-carrying bacteria and viruses that can be rampant in shared spaces like office kitchens and washrooms.

Aside from having cleaning rules for everyone to follow, it’s also best to get everyone educated on the importance of keeping every corner of the office clean and treating these shared facilities with a high level of respect.

Many employees are oblivious to the fact that their workstations, especially their desks, are common breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Let them know that! Help them keep their workplace environment sanitary at all times.

4. …And So Nobody Gets Sick

An unhygienic workplace increases cases of employee absenteeism, costing the business a considerable amount of money. If you have substandard hygiene in the office, expect more and more employees taking sick days.

When you implement proper hygiene, you prevent viruses and bacteria from developing and spreading around the office. This will stop any potential outbreaks right in their tracks, and will pretty much guarantee a healthy environment for everybody.

A hygienic workplace will be a serious investment at first, but it will pay off in more ways than one. It will essentially pay for itself after some time due to your employees increased productivity and greater work attendance.

5. Reduces The Risk Of Tripping Or Falling

One of the more common causes of injury, no matter how banal-sounding, is falling and slipping on wet and dirty surfaces. This can cause your employees to get seriously injured and hurt.

And since this increases the chance of injury, it will increase work absenteeism and may even lead to lawsuits.

To prevent injuries, make sure all your office floors are cleaned on a regular basis and that you have anti-slip mats placed in areas where slips, trips, and falls are most likely to happen.

Do take note that while cleaning the floor is a good start, leaving it wet without any warning sign or an anti-slip mat in the slippery area can also pose a threat.

A clean workplace is a safe and healthy workplace. And a healthy workplace helps grow a business and achieve its bottom line goals.

Your workplace environment creates a subtle but powerful impression on your potential customers and investors and Alsco is a trusted partner when it comes to keeping workplace hygiene sustained and of a high standard.

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Disclaimer – These articles are provided to supply general health, safety, and green information to people responsible for the same in their organisation. The articles are general in nature and do not substitute for legal and/or professional advice. We always suggest that organisations obtain information specific to their needs.