Keeping Your Desk Clean – 4 Important Reasons

Organization in the workspaces is something we all honestly want. Actually doing something to clean up your own work desk is a different matter altogether.

The truth is that isn’t a matter of being innately clean and organized. Sometimes, it’s a matter of things getting too hectic that we set aside organization for expediency. After all, when the deadlines loom and the workload is heavy, is there any real compelling reason to bother about work desk cleanliness?

Apparently, there are in fact 4 really great reasons why work desk cleanliness should be your priority. So much so that it’s the very first concern that you need to attend the second you get into the office—before anything and everything else.

1. Set A Good Example

Lead by example, essentially. So if you take care of your desk, if you show a good example, your employees will follow suit. On the other hand, if you are messy and disorganized, you can’t expect your employees to be tidy. It’s simply not fair.

So if people notice that you are negligent and untidy, they will just leave a mess wherever they go. Any manager that is untidy cannot expect his employees to keep their desks in order. And these things tend to snowball, so you can expect dire consequences in the future.

However, if you set a good example, you will inspire others to follow you and to do the same. It’s a psychological fact that this will lead to better optimism and motivation at the workplace. And, as you certainly must know, optimism and motivation lead to greater productivity, which leads to a better bottom line.

2. Your Desk Speaks Volumes About You

Don’t forget just how important first impressions actually are. This not only goes for dating and job interviews but for clients as well. It’s applicable in any and all walks of life.

When a client or your boss walks about and sees the clutter and mess on your desk, it doesn’t present a very good image of you and your work. It doesn’t matter how hard you actually work, a cluttered desk tells others that you’re messy internally.

The opposite is true too. When you are organized when it comes to your work desk, it gives the impression of control, dependability, trustworthiness, and organization.

Now, of course, it’s a given that you actually have these qualities. You can always, of course, learn to develop them, and having a clean desk just emphasizes these traits. Don’t do it only for yourself, but for your company as well.

3. A Dirty And Messy Desk Causes Stress

Have you ever actually worked at a cluttered and untidy desk? Annoying, right? Well, this actually adds up, it affects the state of mind you are in. Not to mention it makes you less productive, which just adds to your stress and annoyance. So, imagine you really need to find something, like, a contract or an invoice, and that it’s very urgent. Working through all the clutter you have will be maddening.

On the other hand, if you set everything about neatly and in proper places, you lower the amount of effort needed to find these important things. That means less stress for you.

More than that, organization also leads to visual synergy—your eyes aren’t jarred or easily distracted by disorder. This helps you stay calm and cool no matter how stressful and overloaded your workday might actually be.

4. A Messy Desk Is Not Hygienic

All this clutter just creates room for more dirt and filth. Nooks and crannies, places where you can have dirt that stays there for days, it can really have an adverse impact on your office hygiene. It can aggravate many health issues.

So, for example, this is clear torture for people with allergies or even asthma. Their symptoms can really get aggravated. Things like a sore throat, runny nose or inflamed eyes are all typical symptoms and ailments.

When those things hit a person, it makes it very hard to focus on work. Productivity can suffer badly from something as “innocent” as a dirty desk. When things are neatly organized and set in their proper places, cleaning becomes an easy task. That’s because you eliminate any hidden places and spaces where dust and debris find their hideouts. Additionally, keeping things organized lets you easily see what’s clean and what’s not.

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