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Alsco China is pleased to announce its continued growth in the Suzhou region of the country. To meet demand in the south of China, we are now operating in Guangzhou which is making early positive steps into this new and exciting market.

Since commencing operations in Suzhou approximately 7 years ago, our operation has experienced good steady growth and continues to do so as the manufacturing, food processing, and hospitality industries flourish.

Alsco in China has focused on our belief that not only is the quality of our product critical but that our significant advantage over our competitors is the standard of our service. As our industry is still a new concept in China, we provide valuable support to help educate local business in the rental option and the associated benefits.

Why buy when you can rent!

As a global company, Chinese businesses (those with both international and local presence) are enjoying our expertise particularly given our understanding around food, hygiene and safety for both the domestic and export markets.

With an extremely important and large entertainment industry customer in Shanghai, our focus is on developing our market share in this area as the local government continues with its plan in becoming a tourist hotspot. Additionally, Alsco’s customers in China now include those from the hospitality, light industrial, food processing, food manufacturing, engineering, chemical, and electronics industries.

Alsco’s High-quality and Durable Workwear

In this unique and challenging environment, Alsco appreciates the need to evolve and adapt to the market requirements in China. Understanding what drives the needs of our customers and building those relationships is extremely important to our success here.

We are here to develop an Alsco for China which can be the trusted business partner to make their businesses better. Part of that process includes the translation of not only our documents and computer systems but also a translation of our business practices and services to ensure that the interpretation of who we are and what we do is both understandable and relevant to our colleagues and potential customers here.

Kitchen staff preparing food

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As China continues to become more and more internationally focused, benchmarks involving food safety, health and safety and service standards are adjusting frequently. These include food preparation, handling, processing, manufacturing, safe work practices and customer care.

As a forerunner in our industry with the highest standards of each of these areas, Alsco is well positioned to meet all of these benchmarks and be the preferred supplier to those who need our services in China.

As a supplier of quality products, the design of Alsco garments ensures wearer comfort and longevity whilst they also have excellent soil release properties and features such as internal pockets, cuffed sleeves, and no external buttons all of which are important in a contamination and accident-free environment.

Alsco as a Global Group

Alsco is proud to have an excellent team of diligent, loyal and hard working employees that provide us with both international experience and local expertise.

Whilst Alsco has been operating in a wide variety of markets for 50+ years including New Zealand, USA, Germany, Brazil, Italy, and Australia, conducting our business in China is very different. Our customers operate very large manufacturing businesses often employing thousands of workers.

Alsco employee working on cleaning the linens

The UHF technology that we have employed to track our garments and provide reporting to our customers is proving invaluable. The Alsco team is proud to regularly host customer visits to the plant which is a key step in the sales process within China.

As Alsco develops the market and our internal networks in China and in Asia in general, one of our additional strengths is that we are one single organisation with the ability to share our knowledge and experience.

This will prove to be invaluable to our long-term success both here and in the other Asian countries we operate in such as Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore. Stay tuned for more feature articles.

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